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Come to Hutchbug Solutions


Get The Comprehensive 24/7 Answering Service That Your Business Needs

At Hutchbug Solutions, we understand the value of good customer service. Every missed phone call is a missed opportunity for revenue and turnover, along with every email left unanswered and every social media message ignored.

But who has the time for all of that? We do.

Outsourcing Customer Service, The Right Way

As an entrepreneur, you need to focus your energy on growing the business, developing exciting ideas, and building actionable strategies, so it can be hard to find the time or energy needed to run a successful customer service platform. Hiring permanent customer service staff is one way of solving this issue, but that can be extremely costly and unrealistic for a smaller business.

outsourcing-function-tasks-contract-business-concept (1).jpg

Our solution? Customer service outsourcing.

Now, we don’t mean building a customer service call center in a faraway land using fake names to mask cultural divides, but rather opting for affordable customer engagement solutions right here in the US.


Between our inbound and outbound call center services, virtual assistants, email sorting, texting systems, social media support, and automated customer engagement software, we can help turn your business into the customer-facing, well-respected body that you know it can be.

Retain Customers, Increase Revenue

Customer service interactions are a massive part of what will keep your clientele coming back time and time again. If they feel they’ve been ignored or pushed aside, be it through a phone call, email interaction, or on a social media messaging platform, they’re much less likely to return to your business. With our service, your customer base will get timely, educated responses on all channels, leading to more turnover and ultimately more profit.


Knowing You Inside Out

Our service would be nothing if we didn’t truly get to know your business first. That’s why before we start to provide our unique customer support solutions, we spend a few days gaining a true understanding of who you are and what you do. We then integrate and collate all of your channels of communication into one place, so we can keep an eye on everything at once.

Call Handling

Our team is on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to take and handle customer service calls along with processing and managing outbound calls. With clever software that cloaks caller IDs, customized hold music, and even automated IVR systems, our service is the comprehensive call-handling solution to help you maximize revenue and increase customer retention.


Chat/Text/Social Media

In the modern world, it’s not all about phone calls. More and more, customers and clients are opting to communicate to social media channels through text, instant chat, and social media messaging. We can help to streamline your direct interactions with clients and customers by customizing our chat software to suit your business, sending, and receiving texts to and from your customers, and doing the same with all social media messaging. Modernize your approach to customer service with Hutchbug.

Email Support

Beyond the direct interactions we can have with customers on your behalf, we can also help you build reliable, consistent platforms on which your own customer communications can take place. In the case of emails, we can help you to build custom templates, such as a Frequently Asked Questions framework, to streamline your email interactions. Along with this, we can help process and organize your incoming emails on a daily basis.


Personal Virtual Assistant

With all this customer support, you may be wondering where the support is for you. We can provide you with intelligent virtual assistants to help you with the day-to-day running of your business. By completing small tasks and online errands for you, our virtual assistant will help free up more time for valuable growth.

Affordable Rates

We understand that running a business costs money, but that cost will only increase if you hire permanent in-house staff. With our plans starting at just $55.00 a month for 24/7 answering coverage, Hutchbug is the affordable way to truly tend to your customers.

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