How VAs from a Small BPO Company Helps Real Estate Investors

Outsourcing tasks is now widely regarded as go-to strategy for growing a business. It is usually adopted by small business owners who need help in running their day-to-day operations or by nationwide corporations who want to offload specific processes to clear room for core growth projects.

The demand for outsourcing services has been so great that it has resulted in business process outsourcing being its own separate industry with big and small players. There are the BPO giants with sites all over the world catering to Fortune 500 clients. There are also the small outsourcing firms patronized by local small and medium-sized businesses.

Outsourcing and Real Estate

The need for outsourcing spans across dozens of industries. This includes real estate.

Many realtors enlist the services of a reputable BPO company to help them manage customer service. Implementing a well-defined policy for catering to clients’ concerns and questions is the main factor in providing positive results by way of increased or repeat business from clients wanting to purchase both residential and commercial properties.

Conversely, if a real estate agency is unable to establish an efficient customer service system, this could then result in the agency having to cut its losses.

Not all agencies have the capacity to hire and build a customer service team. So they offload this task to a business process outsourcing company that can recruit and train individuals to man the phones for said real estate agency.

VAs and Real Estate Investors

For real estate investors, time is a precious commodity. The right moment could mean money gained but missing out on that crucial window of opportunity could result in failed investments.

So, one can only imagine that these financially savvy individuals would want to focus their attention on things that can bring growth and bulk up their portfolio.

Engaging in business outsourcing has awarded many efficient real estate investors the ability to spend their time where it matters most, and that is focusing solely on tasks that either directly or indirectly result in more capital.

Now, real estate investors often do not really need an entire team to help them out. So they will often go with virtual assistant services. This involves one or two VAs to do several different tasks.

Below are some examples of tasks that virtual assistants can do for real estate investors.

Lead Generation Management

This can be useful for Investors who want to market themselves, or at the very least, simply collect leads that they can nurture later.

Lead nurturing and management is the perfect job for an outsourcer. By hiring someone who can look after the leads you bring in, then you will have more time to foster relationships and build on your initial conversations.

Cold Calling

Cold calling can take a big chunk of time out of an investor’s day. Fortunately, it does not have to be done by a real estate professional. However, it is important to note that cold calling typically represents the initial point of contact and is not meant to be an in-depth conversation. Investors should still do the follow-up calls.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become an integral part of today’s businesses. However, there is no need for real estate investors to create campaigns and manage social media platforms themselves. A virtual assistant could take hold of the reins and take care of social media marketing.

Hutchbug Solutions makes it easy for real estate investors in the Washington area to find a highly skilled virtual assistant to take care of secondary tasks, leaving investors to focus on profit-raising activities.

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