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Role of Small Service BPOs in Helping Online Retailers amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

In these trying times, online retailing can be a great business option. However, it can sometimes be very hard to prioritize operational tasks once sales volumes go up.

To address this concern, an online retailer may consider automation and outsourcing among the most obvious and proven solutions. In fact, there are main advantages when you engage in retail business process outsourcing or BPO.

Here are some of the advantages found out by experts.

  • Increase in knowledge and expertise

  • Increase in alternative staff for short-term projects by hiring a virtual assistant (VA)

  • Cost-savings by adapting a call center software

  • Increase in equity returns

  • Controlling and sharing of risks

  • Reduction or elimination of management information system (MIS) weaknesses

  • Achieve corporate segmentation by outsourcing non-strategic tasks

  • Focus more on core strategic activities

  • Promotes organizational growth by outsourcing the weaknesses of the MIS department

  • Applicable to organizations that are procedurally oriented

Administrative Tasks

It will be time-consuming to do small, repetitive, and every task. Thus, avoid getting things out of hand by outsourcing these tasks to a virtual assistant. A good VA can work in several tasks, including but not limited to the following.

  • Managing schedules

  • Handling travel arrangements

  • Managing files

  • Preparing presentations

  • Creating reports

  • Running personal errands

Hiring virtual assistant services is just like having a clone of yourself so your other self will be able to get to the more pressing need of growing the online retail business. Moreover, businesses can create a virtual office instead of a crowded workspace prone to contamination from COVID-19.

Customer Service

You should know that when customers’ concerns are not given prompt attention, you may be looking at abandoned transactions. So, despite growing the business at a rapid rate, you might fail to supplement this growth with the right customer service strategy.

Contact Center Services

In the COVID-19 crisis, changes must be implemented in the retail industry. So, hiring a retail call center can be a key for success. Here are main reasons why call center services are beneficial for online retailers.

  • Increasing brand presence – It requires a multi-channel approach if you want to reach customers and increase brand presence. Call center services can help increase awareness about your business and your retail presence.

  • Provide better customer support – Customer satisfaction is among the main concerns of the retail call center services. So, retail businesses can provide better services for their customers.

  • Meet customers’ terms – Customers will be able to receive prompt services when they have an issue, question, or problem at hand. That said, a retail business can mimic the way how e-commerce companies deal with customers for direct access through call center software.

  • Focus on the business – Using call center services will allow businesses to focus on their products, business plans, and daily operations, without worrying about customer service.

  • Cost-efficiency – Many BPO services offer affordable rates, scalable services, and customized solutions. So, they can offer a cost-effective service for growing online retail businesses.

Online retailing is already a challenging business venture to consider. If you are just starting out, it is important to note that setting up a new online business has a 90% failure rate, making it quite daunting to pursue.

For online retailers to complete several important tasks during the Coronavirus pandemic, engaging in BPO is arguably the only viable solution.

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