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The Role of Small Service BPOs in Online Retailers’ New Normal

Most business owners are already familiar with the terms “virtual assistant,” “call center” or “virtual office,” but a lot of them didn’t really bother to dig deeper because these services were not significant to their business at that time or they just didn’t know how it could benefit them.

But then, COVID-19 struck the world and now, most businesses are shifting towards online retailing due to restrictions in movement to stop the spread of the virus.

With this new normal comes the significance of small service BPOs that are highly beneficial for online retailers during these unique circumstances:

  • It helps keep operational costs down. Cost-efficiency is still the biggest benefit of outsourcing to a small service BPO and it is especially significant during these times when sales are not as high as they normally would without the pandemic. In a struggling economy, you need all the savings you can get without sacrificing the efficiency of your operations and you can make that possible with a virtual assistant or call center.

  • It allows you more legroom to focus on your business. You may be one of those businesses that had to let employees go because you simply cannot afford to pay them anymore or it is difficult to manage them remotely as you shift towards online business. But now, you could already be struggling with managing everything on your own. By hiring virtual assistant services, for instance, you will have more legroom to focus on your business while backend tasks such as customer service are being taken care of.

  • It enables you to work with professionals. When you outsource to a small service BPO, you can guarantee that you will be working with professionals. This way, you do not need to spend on training or micromanage because these people already know what they need to do, and they are guaranteed to get the job done. BPOs also provide call center software so you do not have to worry about investing in the right equipment for them to do their job properly.

  • It allows you to stay competitive. With most businesses shifting towards online retail due to the pandemic, you will have tougher competition to face online. Sure, big ticket companies can very well afford to pay for online marketing strategies that will instantly give them a leg up in the competition. But you have to remember that good customer service is still the single most effective marketing strategy for any business—and you can do that with the help of a competitive virtual office or call center.

COVID-19 came without a warning and it changed the landscape of business forever. As we come to grips with this “new normal,” we can take advantage of the many ways we can run our business, earn money and still stay competitive in the arena, even if we feel that our hands are tied because we are at home. After all, a successful business is all about making things work even in the hardest of circumstances.

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